With a background in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, Susie Rao is now working as a Data Science researcher at the Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) and a PhD candidate at the DS3Lab under the co-supervision Prof. Ce Zhang (technical) and Prof. Peter Egger (domain). She graduated from the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the University of Zurich.

  • Her research interests are dynamic network analysis, information extraction, natural language processing and their applicability to various domains such as applied economics, sociology, and biomedical.

  • She has been working on the following research projects: pattern matching and record linkage in large databases (finalized), information extraction and categorization in legal text such as international investment treaties and court cases (finalized), data analytics and machine learning with Chinese clinical and patient health data (ongoing), topology and endogeneity of firm-product-trade network and discipline connectedness in the Web of Science (ongoing).

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